iPilot Solutions
iPilot is full-stack smart driving solution developed by MINIEYE for mass production with our own algorithm and sensors. It supports multiple smart driving system functions including HNOA、UNOA、HAVP、APA etc., which can be flexibly designed based on the requirements of entire intelligent vehicle ensuring mass production and delivery with high quality. Empowered by technology on all aspects, iPilot makes driving experience safer and more comfortable with full driving scenario coverage including highway, expressway, urban and parking.
Highway Navigate on Autopilot

- Automatic On and Off Ramp

- Ramp Smart Driving

- Optimized Lane Selection

- Automatic Lane Changing and Overtaking

- Automatic Limit Speed Adjustment

- Limit Cut-in Handling

- Curve Smart Driving

Urban Navigate on Autopilot

- Auto Merging and Leaving Main Road

- Identifying Traffic Light

- Roundabout Passing

- Crossroad Passing

Automatic Parking Assist

- Identifying Multiple Parking Space

- Real-time Position Sensing

- Emergency Braking at Low Speed

- Dynamic Route Planning

Highway Navigate on Autopilot
Urban Navigate on Autopilot
Automatic Parking Assist
Main iPilot Solutions