Empower The Intelligent Vehicle

MINIEYE, founded in 2014, is a pioneering intelligent driving and cabin solutions provider in China,

focusing on the innovation and implementation of full-stack technology of autonomous driving.

It is committed to empowering the intelligent vehicle with its rich experience of large-scale

mass production and continuing iteration of frontier technology.

MINIEYE pursuits the mission of upgrading automation and intelligence level for vehicle,

while reducing traffic accidents and ensuring driving safety, as well as improving experience in car.

Bamboo Spirit

“Growing higher, Rooting deeper”

The Bamboo, which is strong and pliable,

implies our aspiration to devote ourselves to persistently developing technology and exploring possibilities.

It also conveys our vision to firmly aim for the future and push for breakthrough innovations.

Going further towards full autonomous driving

We believe that intelligent and delightful autonomous driving is the future of automobile.

Just like all other science and technology developers, we persist in technology innovation and continuing iteration.

With industry leading technologies, we create more and more values for transportation and possibilities for intelligent vehicle.

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