Intelligent Cabin Solutions
In-cabin Application
Our intelligent cabin solutions that are supported by our in-house proprietary perception algorithms primarily offer DMS solutions, OMS solutions and other solutions. It provides active services especially for six application scenarios, allowing users to experience the advanced smart cabin technology without making clear directives.
Driver Registration
Face ID Recognition and Detection

- 2D and 3D Camera Solution

- Multi-angle Identification

- No Lagging for Micro Expression Sensing

- No Need for Extra Motion

- Highspeed Facial Recognition and Detection

Passenger Care
All-cabin Keeper

- Child ID Recognition

- Unsafe Behavior Detection

- Child Seat and Seat Belt Detection

- Automatic Emergency Alarm

Driver Drowsiness Detection
All-time Fatigue Status Warning

- Meet Fatigue Monitoring Quantitative Test Standard of EU DDAW

- Multi-dimensional Fatigue Evaluation including Head and Eyes

- Effective Fatigue Grading

Safe Handover
Real-time Sight Tracking on Driver

- Improving Precision by Three times on Visual Perception with Two Sight Solutions

- Driving Status and Attention Analysis

- Evaluation on Seven Gazing Areas including Front Road, Central Panel, AI Assistant and Internal Rearview Mirror

Interactive Entertainment Experience
Innovative Smart Entertainment Space

- Intuitive Body Language HMI

- All-cabin Multiuser and Multilocation Interaction

- Innovative Interaction between Front and Back Seats

- Real-time AI Beautify

Health Monitoring
Vital Signs Indicator

- Heart rate

- Breath rate

Driver Registration
Passenger Care
Driver Drowsiness Detection
Safe Handover
Interactive Entertainment Experience
Health Monitoring