Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems
Enhance traffic safety and efficiency
Expand the application scenarios and market space of the solution with conforming to the needs of developing smart transportation and smart cities.
Through interconnection and interaction of information, vehicles can obtain over-vision perception,
which becomes an important driving force for the large-scale application of automatic driving.
Highway and Intersection Management
We collaborate with customers in the transportation infrastructure sector to provide perception devices and real-time data exchange technologies, thereby enhancing road safety and traffic efficiency. It supports the automatic monitoring and analysis of traffic conditions at highway and intersection and are able to generate traffic management plans based on real-time data feedback.
-Traffic flow optimization
-Traffic condition information analysis
Industry Parks & Parking Slots Management
Through integrating perception devices and our in-house developed algorithm structures to monitor and analyze traffic flow in real time, it enables precise managememt of industrial parks and parking slots, thereby improving traffic management and enhancing operational efficiency.
-Record the vehicles that enter, occupy or exit the parking slots in real time
-Present real-time vehicle park occupancy status
-Online payment