Intelligent Driving Solutions

Provide L0 to L4 intelligent driving solutions that are full-stack in-house developed by MINIEYE for mass production.

It can be flexibly designed based on the requirements of entire intelligent vehicle, which makes driving experience safer and more comfortable

by empowering the intelligent vehicles on all aspects with full driving scenario coverages including highway, expressway, urban and parking.

Support L0 to L4 autonomous driving functions

Intelligent Cabin Solutions

Enhance the in-vehicle experience for drivers and passengers by proactively sensing needs and lowering interaction thresholds.

Continuously empowering intelligent vehicles in six scenarios and efficiently synergizing both in-cabin and out-of-cabin systems,

which enriched experience, improved cabin comfort and automotive safety.

In-cabin Application

Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems

Expand the application scenarios and market space of the solution with conforming to the needs of developing smart transportation and smart cities.

Through interconnection and interaction of information, vehicles can obtain over-vision perception,

which becomes an important driving force for the large-scale application of automatic driving.

Enhance traffic safety and efficiency