Navigate on Autopilot Solution

iPilot is full-stack smart driving solution developed by MINIEYE for mass production with L2+/L2++ advanced smart driving functions.

It can be flexibly designed based on the requirements of entire intelligent vehicle, which makes driving experience safer and more comfortable

by empowering the intelligent vehicles on all aspects with full driving scenario coverage including highway, expressway, urban and parking.


L2+/L2++ Applications

Smart Cabin Perception and Interaction Solution

iCabin solution can actively sense the needs and make interaction easier for driver and passenger.

It provides active services for five application scenarios with high level synergy of autonomous driving systems,

enhancing driving experience while fully ensuring the comfort and safety of smart vehicle.


In-cabin Application


ADAS Products and Solutions

iSafety is designed to massively applied to passenger and commercial vehicles with L0 to L2 ADAS functions. It provides mature and stable solutions and services for both hardware and software based on the requirements of factory-installed market and after market.

Clients and Partners